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Sovereign Security (UK) are providing car park attendants throughout Yorkshire and the North of England. Using our discretion, we aim to encourage parking abusers not to offend / re-offend.

However, we are not a car clamping firm, but where stricter enforcement measures are necessary we have the structure and the expertise through our networks of approved clamping firms to get you the right choice that will act accordingly and efficiently in the interest of all parties concerned.

Our package suits both individuals and companies that require car park attendants.

Our Mission Statement

The objective of our organisation is to provide the best professionally managed security and loss control service, through our commitment to quality and stability and to clients who are serious about their long term asset protection needs.

Sovereign Security (UK) are further committed to improving the quality of life of all employees through impartial employment, equal opportunity, continuing education and the provision of a safe working environment.

In the attainment of the above, we aim to achieve an acceptable return on investment, thus enabling growth and maintaining stability.

Sovereign Security (UK) pride ourselves in maintaining high standards from our employees to enable us to maintain high standards of service to our clients.

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